Jax Coco extra virgin centrifuged coconut oil


A step above the rest, jax Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil, or EVCCO, is made using a cutting-edge process to produce the finest organic coconut oil. EVCCO is produced using a proprietary triple centrifuge process that quickly separates oil from the coconut milk emulsion. The process, which uses low heat to keep coconut milk raw and retain nutrients, produces organic coconut oil with the industry’s lowest zero peroxide (other coconut oils contain traces), lower free fatty acids and rich in lauric acid, which has anti-viral properties and beneficial metabolic effects. jax EVCCO is made only from select certified, organic, fair trade coconuts.


jax coco is the best drink that refreshes my body after my regular yoga class.

Julie Roach, yoga instructor
0 cholesterol

cholesterol, trans fats and lowest fatty acid content

0 peroxide

zero peroxide - a common irritant

8.5 gram lauric acid

almost 100% recommended daily value of lauric acid - a medium chain trigylceride that boosts metabolism

  • 0 peroxide and the lowest fatty acid content amongst coconut oils
  • 0 trans fats
  • 8.5 g per tbsp of lauric acid - a medium chain trigylceride that boosts metabolism
INGREDIENTS:Extra virgin coconut oil
SERVING SIZE:1tbsp (15ml, 13.8g)
AMOUNTS PER SERVING:Calories: 123 kcal
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jax coco is the perfect pre and post workout pick me up.

Dalton Wong
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