Jax Coco sparkling coconut water with calamansi (coming soon)


Jax Coco Sparkling Coconut Water with Calamansi combines the freshest, premium, 100% pure coconut waterwith a unique carbonation process and a touch of calamansi juice to deliver a bubbly and lightly citrusy take on a centuries-old beverage.


jax coco is the best drink that refreshes my body after my regular yoga class.

Julie Roach, yoga instructor
5 electrolytes

naturally isotonic, 100% daily value Vitamin C.

0 fat

zero fat or cholesterol and no added sugar or artificial preservatives.

50 cals

only 50 calories per 250 ml serving.

  • Not from concentrate
  • No added sugar
  • No preservations
INGREDIENTS:Coconut water (carbonated), Calamansi Puree
SERVING SIZE:100ml, 3.38 fl.oz.
AMOUNT PER SERVING:Calories: 20 Calories from fat: 0
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jax coco is the perfect pre and post workout pick me up.

Dalton Wong
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